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Chiloki cleverly integrates functions between cell phones and walkie-talkies. You can communicate one-to-one or to-many with the push of a button.


ZWB Series 商用配件

Heavy Duty
Light and Easy

The ZWB series was designed for industrial and commercial usage and features include noise & echo reduction, 40 hours talk time, excellent sound quality, 3.5mm earphone jack. Suitable for light to heavy duty and easy to use.


DD7 Series 個性化配件

Protect channels
Create users easily
Encrypt conversations
Record all messages

Zello DD7 Buttons
The DD7 is a small, wireless PTT switch which works wirelessly with ZELLO push-to-talk. It can be held in the hand, attached to the key rings, or mounted on flat surfaces using double sided tape. The Ring can be worn on your finger or around your neck and has an adjustable strap. No charging required. Lasts up to 1 years on easy-to-change CR2032 coin cell battery (included).

一按通DD7系列為無線藍芽隨按即說按鈕,手機搭載免費通訊軟體( ”Zello”對講機 App),與手機配對成功後按下中間按鈕即可發話,並依照不同使用情境可選擇不同配戴款式。可將按鍵綁在把手、方向盤或用吊繩掛於脖子以及戴在手指上使用,不論是機車通勤族、重機車遊族或是重度手遊玩家都可依個人喜好選擇,包含-束帶固定型、吊繩佩掛型、指環配戴型。

More Powerful Features

Allows up to 2500 people in a single channel when integrated with Zellowork,. Supports GPS, private communication, works with data and Wi-Fi networks. Message history is kept in the cloud and can be re-played anytime.

搭配行動通訊對講Zello APP利用數據通信(3G/4G LTE)或是WiFi環境下享受超清晰的通話品質,沒有頻道人數上限單一頻道最多可達2500人,支援群組使用者GPS定位功能,安全且私人化的通訊服務避免外部竊聽,所有通話訊息皆儲存在個人帳戶的雲端伺服器隨時可瀏覽。

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